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Cold warriors without weapons: Identities: Vol 4, No

It all started with a dream, a collective dream. Instituto Elos emerged out of the dream of young architecture students to make of the design and construction phases a collaborative process that brings value in the building of not only places, but also and mainly of communities. Elos Phylosophy gradually became a channel for groups of people and communities to dream together their spaces and development processes.

"Warriors Without Weapons"

This first step proposes to not only see, but to feel the energy of a community before acting in it, finding its visible and invisible beauties and resources. A time to listen more than talk, to be carried throughout stories of those who dwell in the place being discovered; a time to offer not only open ears but mainly open hearts for real connection.

Warriors Without Weapons // Fundraising movie night

There are both individual and collective dreams, all worth being shared. Some say happiness is only real when shared; we, Warriors, must agree…this is why we go around a community and instigate the sharing of dreams, supporting the dreamers to trust that, if it can be dreamt, it can be accomplished.

Good Health Already Exists — You Just Need to Observe It

And this takes us to the next step…. A time leading to making dreams tangible by planning their strategic steps and creating opportunities for community action. This is why celebrating accomplishments — the miracle itself — is an important part of the path to development.

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It is when people acknowledge their collective efforts and invite more action and change into their community. Experiencing this 7-steps in the path of becoming a Warrior Without Weapons at Santos in July has shown that beyond the methodology itself, so much more happens that cannot be predicted in the script; each step presents myriad of surprises both for individual and collective learning, while making the process richer and more intriguing.

The 38 Warriors-to-be were divided into 3 different communities to take action during 21 days.

Warriors Without Weapons: How Learning Moves Trans-locally

A community with a population of more than 30 thousand people, most dwelling on stilt-houses with structures that go as deep as 10 meters into the sand to allow stability. While the village is considered to be an irregular occupation, the question of replacing the population elsewhere is delicate to consider like in many other communities in Brazil. We were invited into this community to establish a relationship of mutual learning; they have taught us so much during the 21 days we spent together, and so much energy we brought to support the collective accomplishment of a dream of theirs.

We have brought the hope that, as a community, they can act to accomplish their dreams and there that are people from outside the community who are there to support them.

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Meanwhile, Vila dos Pescadores taught us, Warriors-to-be, that there is so much more beyond what we can see with the eyes, that a lot can be made out of little, that we all have the capacity for resilience…. Experiencing Elos methodology at Vila dos Pescadores allowed us to get to know the story of that wonderful place and of the wonderful people who dwell there.

We came to learn that the community dreamt of having a space for their children to play, learn and flourish. So we started to work on this plan! We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future.

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    Warriors Without Weapons Warriors Without Weapons
    Warriors Without Weapons Warriors Without Weapons
    Warriors Without Weapons Warriors Without Weapons
    Warriors Without Weapons Warriors Without Weapons
    Warriors Without Weapons Warriors Without Weapons
    Warriors Without Weapons Warriors Without Weapons
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