The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One

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Tarzan rolled over so that he could see the entrance to the hut, and presently it was filled by a shadowy form. Someone was entering. Was it the executioner coming to destroy him?

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THE lion broke through the underbrush into the trail a short distance behind Jane. It was then that she called her warning to Alexis. At sight of Jane, the lion bared his fangs and growled. Then he came toward her at a trot, and as he did so the girl leaped for an overhanging branch. As she caught it, the lion charged. He leaped for her, and his raking talons barely missed her bare foot as she drew herself safely out of his reach. With a hideous growl, he turned and leaped again. The prince was only a short distance away, but he was hidden by the dense underbrush beneath the ship.

The angry growl sounded very close; the man was paralyzed with terror. From her position on the branch of the tree, Jane could see him. If he hears you, he'll come for you; he's terribly sore about something—must have missed his kill last night. Alexis tried to speak, but no sound came from his throat. He just stood there trembling, an ashen pallor on his face. Jane could not see Brown, but she knew that he was directly above Alexis.

Fasten it around your body underneath your arms, Alexis; and Brown and Tibbs will pull you up. I'll try and keep Numa's attention riveted on me. Jane broke off a small, dead branch and threw it at the beast. It struck him in the face; and, with a roar, he leaped again for the branch on which Jane stood. In the meantime, Brown lowered the end of the strap quickly to Alexis. Get a move on. Don't you understand? It's a matter of life and death with you. With trembling hands, Alexis reached for the belt, and at the same time he seemed to find his voice and commenced to scream lustily for help.

The lion was tearing through the underbrush, searching for the author of these new sounds. Jane threw another branch at him, but it did not distract his attention. He only growled and started cautiously into the brush. The lion came steadily on. At last he was directly beneath the terrified man. Alexis, looking down straight into the cruel eyes of the carnivore, voiced a scream of horror.

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Slowly, a few inches at a time, Brown and Tibbs were raising Alexis out of harm's way; but still he was perilously close to the great beast. Then the lion reared up to its full height and struck at him. A raking talon touched the heel of the man's shoe; and, with a final scream, Alexis fainted. Brown and Tibbs redoubled their efforts. The lion dropped back to the ground, gathered himself and sprang. Again he missed, but only by inches; and before he could spring again, Alexis was safely out of his reach.

The two men hoisted the limp body of Sborov to the ship, and with considerable difficulty dragged him into the cabin. At sight of him, the princess commenced to scream. Oh, my darling, and your Kitty was so cross to her Allie. I mean, no one understands me; everyone is against me. I mean, where are the smelling salts? Get some water. Oh, isn't it terrible?

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Oh, darling, Allie, speak to your Kitty. Alexis opened his eyes and looked about him. Then he closed them and shuddered. Jane stepped into the cabin doorway. I never had no royalty in my hair before, but I sure got 'em now.

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  7. Ain't we got a right to be upset, too? But you don't hear none of us bawling around like them. I suppose being royal gives 'em the right to be nuisances. The thing that I am interested in just now is what we are going to do about that lion. He may hang around here for hours; and as long as he does, we're just blocked.

    He's in a nasty mood, and it won't be safe to go down there until we know that he has cleared out. The best thing for us to do is to kill him, as he may hang around this neighborhood waiting for a chance to get some of us. He's an old fellow; and because of that, he may be a man-eater. They get that way when they are too old to bag their regular prey.

    Brown returned with a rifle.

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    As Tibbs was moving toward the doorway, he suddenly stopped. A flush slowly mantled his face; he appeared most uncomfortable. Jane could not repress a laugh. It's almost too late now anyway to try to make camp; we'll simply have to make the best of it up here for the night. And so it was that a most unhappy and uncomfortable party shivered and grumbled through the long, dark night—a night made hideous by the roars of hunting lions and the shrill screams of stricken beasts.

    But at last day broke with that uncanny suddenness that is a phenomenon of equatorial regions. The moment that it was light enough Jane was out reconnoitering.

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    The lion was gone; and a survey of the surrounding country in the immediate vicinity of the ship, from the lower branches of the trees, revealed no sign of him or any other danger. Brown looked at the man with disgust that he made no effort to conceal. Now let's get busy," and with that she turned and dropped down through the trees to the ground below. With a grunt of disgust, Brown climbed out on the limb that led to the baggage compartment, followed by Tibbs; and the two soon lowered away the remainder of the luggage.

    Come ahead, Annette; I guess you're the one to go first, and then we'll lower the old lady.

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    Come on, sit down in the doorway and I'll put this belt around you. Well, come on, sister; climb out on this branch here. I'll help you. Steady—now sit down.

    The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One
    The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One
    The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One
    The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One
    The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One
    The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One
    The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One The Adventures of Kitty Wappis Volume One

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