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This book is very honest and pragmatic and does not promise the world. It teaches you how to deal with your fears those tigers and how to get out of the mental rut that so many of us are in. This book explains that even if you do not achieve your dreams, by following its ten rules, you will have moved on and will be able to deal with life in a much more positive and effective way. I thoroughly recommend it.

Amazon reviewer A well written book giving principles easy to understand but harder to use. Relying on many case study and two major ones following along the book giving true and amazing examples. This one is much more than a Success book. The most positive aspect of these book is that it is clear in its ideas and written in a lucid language. The principles written in this book have been implemented and proved by the author himself who is not a sportsperson , who has achieved some significant feats like breaking a British record for a sport!!.

I would highly recommend this book for people who want you take their lives to a new level! You should get this book.

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This book changed my life, and I put it on 1 of my books. A must read for serious folks who really want to do something and write an incredible story of their lives. Everybody has a Tiger: the evolutionary survival instinct that makes humans wary of uncertainty, change and risk.

But without facing that uncertainty, change and risk we lose our growth and progress we are unable to write our unique and powerful story.

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In Taming Tigers, Jim Lawless introduces the reader to their Tiger and explains ten practical Rules for recognizing and overcoming this universal human experience. The Ten Rules are tried and tested — and not only by high performing individuals and companies around the world. The author tested the principles himself by becoming a Jockey in 12 months and taking the British freediving record, becoming the first Briton to dive deeper than m on a breath.


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RULE 9. RULE Our stories all have different beginnings. But there comes a point when we can seize the pen and write our story. It offers everything you need to find the desire, confidence and courage to do things you never thought you could. To test Taming Tigers, Jim went from overweight consultant to televised jockey in a year and he has entered the record books as the first Briton to free dive below m.

Listen to Jim reading Taming Tigers for you on Audible! Jim Lawless is a leading authority on AQ: learning new AdaptAbility skills to deliver bold, fast change. He also works with senior leaders to build cultures in which others can grow their AQ to deliver the plan — and for life!

Jim has contributed to bold, fast change in global organisations, government, Olympic teams and business schools for two decades.

Taming the tiger by the tail: modulation of DNA damage responses by telomeres.

He has inspired and educated over half a million people on five continents through his mindset- shifting keynotes and more through his bestselling book, Taming Tigers. Jim has tested and developed the AQ skills personally. Both done alongside his day job — a key element of Adaptability. Subscribe for news and exclusive content.

Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger
Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger
Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger
Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger
Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger
Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger
Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger

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