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I could NOT imagine it. No iPad, iMessage or Netflix. That has got to be a healthy positive thing. Good old-fashioned communication that promotes reading and writing. How am I feeling about sending Mazzy to sleep-away camp? Yes, I miss her. Good for you all!!

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The first year I sent my son to sleep away camp was 3 years ago when he was He was only there a week and went with his cousins. The next year we sent them for 2 weeks. For some reason he really had a difficult time being left for that long. I am so glad that we are able to give that to him and I look forward to giving it to my daughter when she is older.

It will be so fun to hear how Mazzy did…you too Mom! Look it up! My husband convinced me to let our 5 yr old do a one night sleep away camp this year. She had so much fun and really awed me with her ability to advocate for herself and have fun in an entirely new setting. Would you mind sending info about the camp fair you attended to pick the camp.

What a gift to give your child this experience. Taking my daughters to sleep away camp 10 hours away was one of the hardest things to do. Leaving them was the worst fo me. It was a great camp but I was the ultimate worrier! I kept my watch on EDT for the full four weeks they were away. Reading your story is so different than mine even though in the end it was a great experience for my girls despite me. How exciting. Sleep away camp is something completely foreign to me.

Hoping she makes life long friends and has a great time. Neither of us had any friends from home that went with us and we were actually the only ones in our friends group at home that went away to camp. We made all new friends there. I have so many magical memories from those summers and am so appreciative my parents sent me. I hope Mazzy feels the same way! My East Coast friends went to a sleep away camp in Maryland would talk about it all the time with the fondest memories! I wish I would have gotten the chance to experience it. It seems amazing!

Your email address will not be published. About Contact Subscribe. Guide to Manhattan. Reading Wednesdays. Average Parent Problems. The Best Of Mommy Shorts. Ask Dr. Start from the Beginning. Previous Post. Next Post. But I think she saved the biggest one for Harlow. It feels good. Get Mommy Shorts updates sent directly to your inbox! My Daughter, The Prankster. Paige says:. I just got my first fix last week, and I bought three of the five items.

Overall I am glad I ordered, everything fit but the pants. I have a bazillion pinterest boards and she looked at them all and did a good job finding things I would like. I was VERY nervous. Hi Alyssa! One of these days I hope to try again and have better luck. God Bless! Based on what I just read, it sounds like you have no sense of style, nor do you have any interest in developing one.

I understand the miss on the fit and the polyester problem. Stitch Fix sometimes needs more than one chance to get it right.

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Why not start a trend in your community by raising the bar on your personal fashion sense? Believe it or not, it could make a major, positive impact on your life. Why not try Stitch Fix again? Wearing cool cottons is really one of my only options. Lastly, since writing this post, I am on my 4th Stitch Fix… so I have given them multiple tries. Which is unfortunate, because I would have loved for it to work out. I loved stitch fix when they first started. Then I say no dresses, 2 months in a row they send a black and white stripe dress.

I cancel automatic shipment…3 weeks later get notice my order shipped. I think I did something wrong, go in again and cancel I was on every other month shipment when I did have have auto ship scheduled. This time I took a screen shot of my cancellation to send to my credit card company when I dispute the shipping charge.


I used to be such a big fan. Complete waste of time!


Filled out all the info and they sent me nothing that fit my profile. Second fix was just as bad. When I said I was leaving they convinced me to stay and give them one more chance and asked me to write out a detailed description of my preferences. I did. The next fix was even worse! I love clothes, love to shop and like to shop for people. I said no petite and they sent 3 petite dresses! We really want to remain sensitive to your preferred price point, but there may be some variation of the cost of items since we want to give you the best selection possible given your style and fit preferences.

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They could have said that in the beginning, I like your total better! They give an option as cheap as I can I can get it! So glad I found this!

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My first fix was okay — I got a nice maxi skirt and a light open-front sweater; however, after ONE wash, the skirt faded badly. That sweater began pilling all over the place after 2 wearings. I have found the fabrics, even in the higher-priced selections, to be cheap, the construction to be sub-par and, overall, the clothing seems to be made for people who want a high fashion piece to wear once or twice. This is not a service for someone looking for wardrobe staples or classic looks. I love that site! I love that cat shirt!!! I am a size M, so yours would have been too small for me.

The pieces seem very conservative I Googled them.

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My style is more adventurous that what I appear to be getting. My wife has been doing this for a year now and has purchased one item in that time. She started with a hundred dollar credit. The item purchased cost 48 dollars. I just received a bill from stitch fit for In short styling fees have eaten up 52 dollars in credit plus the As of today she has canceled stitch fit and we are filing complaints with the better business bureau, Department of consumer affairs and the state attorney generals office.

Although this is an old review I am still inclined to comment for others who come across this nonsense.

Send Me Shorts! Send Me Shorts!
Send Me Shorts! Send Me Shorts!
Send Me Shorts! Send Me Shorts!
Send Me Shorts! Send Me Shorts!
Send Me Shorts! Send Me Shorts!

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