Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)

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This book provides the history of Santa Paula California to anyone interested and seeking information. Author Mary Alice Orcutt Henderson has local family roots dating to Her family still owns and farms part of its initial acre homestead. The founding president of the Santa Paula Historical Society, Hendersons link to the citys past, along with her ancestors reminiscences of early times, have sparked her passion to share hometown history.

Most of the photographs came from generous local families, and the Santa Paula Chronicle was the primary research source. Santa Paula : Maps of Peru. Bonne, Paris, [ca.

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Two albums with more than black and white snapshots, many with captions in English, most in and around Casapalca known for its silver and zinc mines where Ray apparently worked for a mining concern. Morehouse [L. Lee] Peru Mining Papers, [bulk dates ]. Charles [Charles de] Peru Correspondence, Includes figures for food, clothing, and miscellaneous stores such as anchors, cables, cordage, spars, barrels, linseed oil, pitch, tar, and paint. Winslow [Charles F. Charles F.

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Winslow and others, many from Lima, Peru. Peru Indian Photographs, ca. Peru Photograph Album, ca. Peru Subject Collection. Perutz [Fred W. Psychological Warfare units, mostly German language. Peruvian Political Printed Ephemera Collection, ca. Newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, flyers, broadsides. Petersen, Carl [aka Karl Pedersen]. One ms diary in Danish, re move from Denmark to Nebraska, with typescript translation.

Petersen, O. Typescript photocopy of account by O. Also copy of homestead claim of his father, Carl M. Peterson [John D. The bulk of the collection is in Portuguese.

Henderson, Mary Alice Orcutt Papers

Included are items such as issues of the bulletin of the Liga de Defesa Nacional and Catolicismo, research files and interviews relating to Hermes da Fonseca president of Brazil, , and various monarchist publications. Petrarch [traditional name for Francesco Petrarca]. Italian poet and humanist scholar. Holdings include early editions of his sonnets from [Spec PQ B64 vault], [Spec PQ R4], and [Spec PQ F25 ].

Pettee Family History, ca. Phelan, John D. Montgomery, [Alabama], 17 Feb. Phelps, A. Phillip], asking for news and various other matters including being engaged as Counsel for the Defense in a courtmartial trial of an officer, Aug. Includes correspondence, memos, reports, speeches, subject files, and related materials.

UArch Phelps, Ch[arles] S. One letter ALS. Washington, D. Phelps, J. Newport News, Virginia, 6 Nov. Phelps [Waldo] Oral History, Philippine Photograph Album, ca. Philippine Plays, Mimeograph copies of two plays about the Philippines by Alvah Dale Riley, who spent a number of years there. Aerial Photographs of Manila, [Philippines], ca. Republic and U. Grant , port area, piers, and landing area.

Anglemyer Philinda Rand Philippines Collection, ca. Includes images of students, missionaries, local people, buildings, and scenes especially in the areas around Silay and Lingayen, and Manila.

Bartony [Corporal? Army surrendered there. Includes many images of young women and girls, some children, Base E scenes and fellow servicemen, surrounding countryside, thatch roof buildings. Calamba Sugar Estate — Philippines Collection, Mainly business records of an American operated sugar and coconut plantation, destroyed during World War II. Fattey Family Diaries, Ten diaries by Mr.

Henry W. Fattey, and their son LeRoy, who writes while in the Philippines, Gresham Family California Photograph Album, ca. Also a few images of Bagio, Philippines. Isaacs [Max W. Manahan [Charles F. Correspondence, documents, reports, and clippings of a U. Infantry, re military operations in the Philippines ca. Many of the items date from a later period and refer to specific incidents in the Philippines during the Spanish American War, as well as to surviving veterans.

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Noyes-Wallace Family Collection, ca. Wallace, and George W. Wallace, Jr. Noyes was a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Rice [John A. Saipan, Philippines, and Guam Photograph Album, Spanish American War Photograph Collection, ca. George Stewart ? Includes images of African American Maxim Gun Platoon, horses and pack mules, soldiers on leave, barracks, local population, street scenes, beaches and harbor, typhoon damage.

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  8. Bound volume with hand-colored collotypes of Philippine scenes. World Tour Photograph Album, Includes many images of street scenes, waterfronts, palaces, temples, and other buildings, processions and festivals, American missions, and local inhabitants many of women and children. Includes scenes in Manila, Lingayen, Laoag, and other Philippine towns, many showing destruction of the war; railroad yards at Tarlac, Luzon; local population, villages and scenes in Philippines and Biak Island, New Guinea; scenes in Okinawa, including surrender of Japanese forces there.

    Also, U. Ohio, Florida, California , many with soldiers and sailors with family and friends; Cleveland air-show; and other post-war travel photos. Philippines and Japan Photograph Album, ca. About half the images are of Philippine people and scenes on the island of Bohol, especially Tagbilaran, along with other parts of Philippines Zamboango, Cebu, Mkindanao , street scenes in Japan Yokohama and Kobe , and Hong Kong.

    Photograph Album, ca. Philippines Photo Postcards, ca. Army views, Bilibid Prison, rivers and boats. Philippines Photograph Album, Philippines Photograph Album, ca. Philippines Photograph Albums, ca. Two albums with approx. Philippines Photograph Collection, ca. Philippines Photographs, ca. Eight sepia photographs, ca.

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    Philippines Scenes. Manila, Philippines Subject Collection, ca. Philips, Katherine Fowler English poet. Holdings include an early edition of her Poems [Spec PR P4 A17 ]. Phillips, Wendell Boston, 15 Apr. Phillips, Wendell. Photo Booth Photograph Album, ca. Cyanotype Collection, ca. Includes some Montecito, CA images.

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    The University Archives Photographs collection is comprised of photographs culled from other collections in the University Archives. The dates of the photographs range from the s to the present, with the majority being black and white photos from the s and s. The subjects covered include all aspects of the UCSB campuses and academic and student life. More than , photographs, found in numerous collections and covering a wide range of subjects.

    Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America) Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)
    Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America) Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)
    Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America) Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)
    Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America) Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)
    Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America) Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)
    Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America) Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)
    Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America) Santa Paula: 1930-1960 (Images of America)

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