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We must remember that parents are the first teacher that a child has and as such it is imperative that they work with the school to ensure a successful educational career. I also honestly think children can know much more than the list above if allowed to learn. Taking a hand in their development will slingshot them past the seemingly long list above.

Never give up, Never surrender! Hey, in my kindergarten days that was one of the things to be taught in kindergarten.

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I hate teachers that want parents to do all the work and then bring their kids in with velcro. That is because in your day, kindergarteners were not expected to read by Christmas! It is not the teachers who make up this stuff. Teachers have common core standards to meet. We can spend all day teaching how to tie shoes or teach your children to read!

There is so much more that teachers are expected to teach. If you think it is easy I challenge you to come to a kindergarten class room and teach!!!! I agree kindergarteners need to know a lot, but you can thank administration and government for this. They want to fire teachers whose students who do not perform well on tests. Really teaching your child to tie their shoes is too much!

Maybe we should potty train them too! Kinder is no longer what it used to be…. This list is not what kinder teaches, this is what the kids need at a minimum to begin kinder…. They cry and have anxieties because of this….. Teachers are accountable for helping the kids master what they need to know by the time they END kinder. Yes people reality check kinder is way more rigorous than it used to be…. I am sooooo glad I sent my daughter to daycare while I ran my business from home for the first two years.

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I am almost certain that these feelings would show up in the classroom one way or another. I taught my kid to tye her shoes at Your child can learn what you want to teach them…. We want the best for your kids, but we NEED your help! You give us your best and we want to be magical with it. The absolute best teaching and instruction is done through cooperation.

These are great suggestions for knowledge- is it an absolute? Lisa, I agree with everything you just said. Simple interaction and explaining and pointing out things throughout the day is all it takes. And I agree with the shoe thing as well! I agree with most of what you say. I have a grandson that will be 4 around the end if July. He does all but about 5 of the He has big feet. And a lot of his size shoes are not Velcro. Yes, I know I can teach him. But to teach a year old to tie his shoes is going to be a chore.

Another big chore is teaching him to wipe his butt.

source link We have always used wipes on him. Tell this is quite a bit for a grandma!!! Donna — you said teaching your grandchild to tie shoelaces will be a chore for you. I teach high school, year olds, and you would be stunned by the number of students that are unable to look at a clock and tell the time!

As parents we can do a lot just by spending some quality time with them. You can find plenty of free printable books for any level reader online. Most public libraries allow you to print for a few cents per page. Even cheaper than the dollar store and I have used them with my preschool classes. You want to see them succeed more then these teachers. The pressure is up for learning because we are competing with other countries who teach their kids nonstop. I use every opportunity wether playing in the tub, asking the shapes and colors or with legos etc.

I use youtube to have educational videos that teach with song Time, ABC and their sounds as well as different words with them, opposites, colors, reading, counting, sign language and Spanish. Plenty more we do. It is interactive, fun and it gives them time with me while learning and they have fun doing it. I sit my grand baby on my lap and have her read to me. I made flash cards with her name the alphabet, colors numbers and shapes as well as small words. I hung a mess of them on the wall and we go through an hour of this every day and they get a sticker for it.

Again we do it in everything like painting pine cones, talking like B for Belly Button I am going get your bbbbbelly button. These our our kids and our responsability. If they get bored in school challenge them at home. You are your childs number one teacher, you are the one they learn from better because they are with you more and you know them better, can do 1 on 1 and you love them.

You can also get them at Sams Club Its huge book and has everything that this article list. They have them all the way up to 8th grade and have been approved. I agree.

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Since the day she could sit up and look around in the shopping carts. How many and I putting in the bag? I read her a book every night before she goes to bed.

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She also has one of those barbie laptops made for kids under 7 years old that has her go over shapes, colors, numbers, words, letters, etc as well as a handheld gaming device by V-tech that does the same thing! When I shop for educational material. The previous comment above is right…they are lil sponges…even when we watch Dora or other cartoons together…she will repeat words back together and I encourage her to participate in anything and everything. We also cook diffent dishes from around the world and I read her lil things about the dish and the country.

Her daycares are always impressed with how polite she is and how much she knows and is willing to learn…Okay, enough about my daughter! Kids love to learn because they are so curious…weather they learn from leggos, to educational toys, to books, to outtings with the family…. Kumon is a excellent program my son is 9 and he is doing great in Math. He has been in Kumon for about 2 years.

He is a grade ahead in Math.

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Very accurate list, I agree! I am the director and Lead teacher at a Pre-School and yes we do more then just play. I agree that these are all great things to expose your children to. Being a kindergarten teacher it is amazing to see the students that come in not being able to tell you the alphabet song.

It seems like their parents just sit them in front of a tv and expect them to succeed in school. Even shows like Dora teaches the alphabet. If they know all their letters that is a huge benefit they have coming into kindergarten! I have a In home childcare Center I really work with my kids that I keep.

Usually In home care is more laid back. I really work with my kids. My toddlers can count to five. They also know how to stack blocks. I sing to them a lot and we listen to music and dance. My three preschoolers are writing their names, they also know all their colors,know their letters ,and shapes. She really just picks things up quicker than other kids and is on her summer break and works in 3rd grade workbooks easily.

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Our kids are nannied by someone that is going to school to be a kindergarten teacher and that helped us in she was learning new things in school then testing them on the kids later. Melissa…yes go right ahead and assume that if a child does not know the alphabet that the parent MUST sit them infront of the tv all day long.

My counting book (Smart Kids 2) My counting book (Smart Kids 2)
My counting book (Smart Kids 2) My counting book (Smart Kids 2)
My counting book (Smart Kids 2) My counting book (Smart Kids 2)
My counting book (Smart Kids 2) My counting book (Smart Kids 2)
My counting book (Smart Kids 2) My counting book (Smart Kids 2)
My counting book (Smart Kids 2) My counting book (Smart Kids 2)

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