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My Life Is Endless Drudgery — How Do I Find Joy in Christ?

If I move out, it seems like it's a divorce and I separate my children from their father. But if I stay together with him, am I in a sinful relationship?

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For all intents and purposes, you are married already. While you may not have a legal marriage license as yet, a license from the government is merely a formality at this point. Both of you have obviously made a commitment to one another, brought children into the world and have every intention of continuing together in this relationship.

In this passage, Paul was addressing the question of whether a woman who comes to faith while married to an unbeliever should leave her unbelieving husband. Paul says specifically that as long as the unbelieving husband agrees to remain in the relationship, the woman is required to stay in the marriage.

Oral Sex – A sin, An Option or a Requirement in Christian Marriage? | Biblical Gender Roles

His word tells me it is done. Faith—believing that what God says is true. I often wonder how He could love me so much and forgive me so much everyday. I ask Him to be patient with me and to hold my hand so I can draw closer through the temptation of life every single day. God Bless! I know my sins are forgiven every time I look upon the cross with Our Lord hanging there with love and forgiveness for our sins.

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I must stay in His word everyday lest I forget His amazing love for me! It still amazes me that when I sin and fail my obedience and repentance brings forgiveness! My identity in Christ is not defined by my past sins. God who created me to be His very own masterpiece will never forsake me and His love is everlasting! His eyes always see me who He created me to be! Thanks Liz for an amazing study once again!! I see you. One of my favorites, Vicky.

This story is one of my favorites and means a lot to me.

Can a believer divorce or remarry?

I have read and reread how Jesus treated this woman…He accepted her, defended her and forgave her. You wrote a wonderful retelling. Thank you!!! So powerfully said, so very Spirit led. He welcomed her touch. Allowing her to gaze upon Him with eyes of tears; and then calling her forgiven. Does He still do this today? Yes, God is love and He sent His beloved Son to show love and forgiveness to all who would receive Him, once for all.

I am one of those who has been forgiven and I am ever thankful to the Lord. Thank you for the powerful message. I have been through so much in my life.

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I was sexually abused by my brother. My father physically, emotionally, and mentally abused me.

As a young adult I searched for love in all the wrong places, even though I was saved an knew His love was enough. I slept with every guy I could and anywhere. One day when on the train coming home from babysitting I was raped and figured this is my punishment. I still struggle once in a while but realized one day while praying that maybe God.

I just need to learn to accept His forgiveness and forgive myself. I want to thank you for helping wine like me see that there is hope in Him. We just need to remember.

God answered a prayer for me today with your response. Thanks to liz also for her generous gift of this blog. I am still here. He did this because he loves me. He has plans for me. Thank you Jesus. I learned too, that nothing fills the hole in our hearts. He just wrapped His arms around me and said that now I was His. Praise the Holy, and wonderful GOD that we love!!!!

It IS hard to grasp, Chelsea. Chelsea, it says in the Word that we are to forgive 7 times 7, endlessly forgive others. That, to me, is the example that Our Lord gives us of how He forgives us, endlessly, on and on!


Oral Sex – A sin, An Option or a Requirement in Christian Marriage?

He sees our hearts, our emptiness, our pain and our despair. Whether we say it or not, He sees our hearts! Praise His Holy Name, He is faithful to forgive each and every shortcoming, sin nature and thought! Trying to teach my grandchildren about Our Lord and His Forgiveness has taught me so much more on this very thing.

He loved me so much that He came here Holy, Sinless, being God Himself, and chose, chose again I say to take upon Himself each sin I have commited in the past, what I have sinned today and what I will sin tomorrow!

10 Things Every Wife Needs To Do For Her Husband

I helped put those nails in His Hands and Feet but He still forgave me! If it says it in the Holy Word of God, then by faith, I believe it completely! In His Blessings, TJ. I always believed in God but I was never sure that God believed in me. Especially since I had made so many bad choices in my life.

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  • I abandoned my faith for a very long time but eventually found my way back into a faith community and into a Bible study. Then one morning…I will never forget it…I was reading and I was overcome with the sense of being totally and unconditionally loved. I had a vision of the Father calling to me…telling me to come and rest in His arms. I ran to Him and laid my head on His shoulder and knew, no matter what had happened or would happen in the future, I found my true home.

    I wish I could say life has been easy since then and I never made a mes of things again. I continue to make mistakes and fall down. Sometimes I get far away from God again. Wendy, your real-life description of grace in action brings tears to my eyes.

    But in truth we fail miserably on our own, and so are wholly dependent on his forgiveness to give us a future and a hope. Thanks be to God! Precious Liz…. I imagine His knees may have been pretty painful also!!

    A Sinful Wife A Sinful Wife
    A Sinful Wife A Sinful Wife
    A Sinful Wife A Sinful Wife
    A Sinful Wife A Sinful Wife
    A Sinful Wife A Sinful Wife

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